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North Pattaya

Vacation & Holiday Rentals in Pattaya, Thailand

North Pattaya Apartments, Condos & Villas to Rent

North Pattaya is home to several modern complexes and a cluster of white skyscrapers. The majority of these buildings are condos and apartments. You can also find a few luxury North Pattaya villas, where the best amenities and services are provided for guests. There is no need to worry about accommodation facilities when you are in this area. However, you need to choose one of the most reliable and beautiful North Pattaya apartments and condos for rent to make your stay comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Thailand Rentals offers detailed information on a wide range of North Pattaya apartments, villas, and condos for rent. The details available on our site are provided by the property owners themselves. After analysing all aspects of different properties, you can make the best decision, depending on your unique needs and budget.

The North Pattaya beaches help you relax without worrying about cleanliness. Though you may not find any large shopping malls, this area is packed with cafes, souvenir shops, snack bars, and restaurants. It is not an ideal choice for nightlife lovers. However, if you favour a measured and leisurely lifestyle, you can choose North Pattaya. Situated north of Pattaya’s dolphin roundabout, North Pattaya doesn’t make you disappointed if you love Thai dishes as well as other types of cuisines. Some of the most prominent attractions in this area are Art in Paradise and Sanctuary of Truth.

The best properties, including North Pattaya condos for rent, offer world-class amenities and services for customers. You can enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, a garden, a BBQ area, Sea view, CCTV, free parking, 24-hour staff, spacious living rooms and bedrooms, a private kitchen and a personal chef upon special request. Most North Pattaya rentals owners list their properties on our site to find customers consistently. Please feel free to search Thailand vacaion rentals to find honest and precise rental property information provided by the property owners.

If you can’t find the perfect rental property in North Pattaya area, why not view the full selection of Pattaya apartments, condos & villas for rent for something nearby.

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